COVID-19 History Collection

Contribute to History in the Making

In order to stop the transmission of COVID-19, wait until contacted by museum staff to bring in physical material.

In response to the historic events and changes to our ways of life in 2020, LCHM is adding new materials to our collection to document how COVID-19 has affected Lane County community members, small businesses, and local organizations. To contribute to this history for future generations, use the questions below to help guide your contribution. Then fill out the Proposed Donation Form to tell us about your proposed physical or digital contribution. Alternatively, if you want to share a story, Click Here for our Share Your Story project.

Once our Acquisition Review Committee has made their selections, all participants will be contacted with a decision. Participants whose donations have been selected will be given further instructions on procedures for transfer of ownership and how we will be safely accepting those donations.

To donate to this collection, please either:

1: Fill out and send this form to the museum

Email [email protected] or mail to:
Lane County Historical Society and Museum
PO Box 5407
Eugene or 97405


2: Fill out and submit the online form

Questions to consider when choosing your proposed physical donations:

Kids and Families

● What was your favorite thing to do during COVID-19?
● What was the hardest thing about COVID-19?
● Did you make anything during COVID-19?

Adult Individuals

● What were the best and/or worst parts of life during COVID-19?
● Did you or anyone close to you get COVID-19?

If so, what was your experience seeking medical care?
● What is your line of work? How did COVID-19 affect your work or job?
● Did you do anything creative in response to COVID-19?
● How did the quarantine affect your interpersonal relationships?

Small Businesses and Local Organizations

● How did COVID-19 affect your business or organization?
● How did you shift to serve the needs of the community?