Photo Orders, Reproduction Policies, and Duplication Fees

Images displayed here are copies of the physical objects that are legal charge and property of the Lane County History Museum. For this reason, LCHM images are not in the Public Domain, and are subject to duplication and licensing fees determined by the Museum. To understand the specifics of applicable image copyright, please refer to 17 U.S. Code Sect. 102 and 202(d)(1).

Reproductions of materials from these collections are available for research purposes and reproduction for educational, publication and personal use for a nominal fee. The detailed Reproduction policy and schedule of Usage Fees are available here and apply to any of the museum’s archival holdings including the digital archives.

Photo Order Request Form

Photo Orders

Lane County History Museum is proud of the rich archive of imagery we have in our collection and we are glad to be able to share it with our community in digital form.

You can order digital copies of photographs from Museum Archives by filling our the photo request form, or emailing [email protected]. We do not provide prints of photos, but are happy to supply files that you can take to the printer of your choice. Please fill out the Request for Photo Reproduction form (above), and include the catalog number for each photograph in your request. Find the images and catalog numbers through our online database.

For standard orders, allow at least three weeks from the time of payment for processing photo orders. For every image purchased usage fees apply. Transfer or media fees are per order. Discounts are available to Premium Museum Members. Please refer to your Membership Package for details and mention your affiliation at the time of order.

Photo Order Process

1. Find the photos you would like.

Browse our online catalog at to find historical photos of a huge variety of topics. Since the search engine is publicly available, the Museum research library does not take requests for photo searches.

2. Fill out the Request for Photo Reproduction

Provide the collection number(s) for your photos, and check the box that best describes how you plan to use the photograph(s). Check the boxes indicating resolution output, photo resolution, color mode, and anything additional you need the Digital Lab to know.

3. Wait for an Invoice/Specified Use Agreement 

Digital Archives will respond to your request with an Invoice/Specified Use Agreement. Specified Use is how you plan to use the photo reproduction.

4. Make your payment

Once you have an invoice from LCHM, phone in your payment, pay in person, or make other arrangements if necessary, as in the case of international orders. Typically order fulfillment takes up to 3 weeks from the date payment is received. The Digital Archivist will communicate with you directly about timelines, particularly for larger orders. 

5. Fill out, sign and return the Invoice/Specified Use Agreement

Sign the Invoice/Specified Use Agreement and wait for us to work our magic. When possible, we like to use digital forms to expedite the process and reduce paper consumption.

6. Receive your Order

When your order is complete LCHM Digital Archives will deliver it by the desired method. Cloud transfer is usually fastest and easiest. 

Included in your digital package will be a digital copy of the Invoice/Specified Use Agreement countersigned by the Executive Director of the Museum. This grants you permission to use the image in the way stated. 

Please review Museum policies and copyright restrictions of photo use that you should be aware of. Please take a minute to go over these during the order process.