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Includes: Director’s Corner • Artifact Highlight • Archive Highlight • Get Involved

Includes: Director’s Corner • Collection Highlights • Media Stations • Get Involved

Includes: Director’s Corner • Covid-19 Relief Grant • Thanks to our Donors • Racing To Change

Includes: Director’s Corner • Board Bios • Library Highlight • Monument Project • Racing To Change

Includes: Director’s Corner • Clerks Building Roof • Library Highlight • Artifact Highlight • Thanks to our Donors • Publication Planning

Includes: Director’s Corner • Oregon Electric Station • Rural Electrification • Welcome Marin

Includes: Director’s Corner • Covid-19 Collection • Thanks to our Donors • Drift Boats, McKenzie River Guides, and Parades

Includes: Director’s Corner • Wendling Story Map • Prepping The Drift Boat • Born Digital Archive • Museums For Digital Learning

Includes: Director’s Corner • Faith Moves On • Covid-19 Collection • Ellis Rutledge Parker: A Country Schoolmaster • Museums For Digital Learning • Heat Pump Install

Includes: Director’s Corner • Word From The Board • A History Of Epidemics • Thanks To Our Donors • Digital Diaries: Elijah Bristow

Includes: Director’s Corner • Equity And Inclusion • Message From The Board • Equity And Inclusion: Metadata • Historic Corrections • Digital Diaries: Mcclure Part III • Thanks To Our Donors

Includes: Director’s Corner • Collection Manager Retires • Museum Computer Network Conference • League Of Women Voters • Introducing Allison • Digital Diaries: Mcclure Part II • Immigration Adventures

Includes: Director’s Corner • Hallie Hills Huntington • Eugene’s Forgotten Radiant Past • Our Historic Ad Campaign • Donors

Includes: New Exhibit: Culture Of Kitsch • Director’s Corner The Applegate Springhouse • Ye Olde Renaissance Faire • 50 Years Of The Ocf • Heritage Conservation • The Vault

Includes: Director’s Corner • 2019 Oregon Heritage Summit • Workshop: Digitizing U Of O Football Turns 125 • Pioneer Diaries • Whiskalantes • Thanks To Our Donors Members And Volunteers

Includes: Director’s Corner • Cultural Trust Grants • Amia Conference • Pioneer Diaries: James Bushnell • Racing To Change: Collaboration • Collection Donations • Flickr Migration 

Includes: Director’s Corner • New Exhibits • Pioneer Diaries In The Digital Age • 2019 Preview • Pioneering In The 21St Century • Digital Lab Update 

Includes: Lane County Music History • Director’s Corner • Trivia Nights! • Volunteer Highlight: David Beaver • History Here • Hattie Mae • 1910’S Slang 

Includes: Mentorcorps Partnership • Director’s Corner • Pioneering The 21St Century: Lchm Digital Lab • Oregonians And The Spanish-American War • Flickr Collection

Includes: Play Comes To Life With TOYS! Exhibit • Director’s Corner • Here Today, Gone Tomorrow • Reflections • Tributes To Robbie Chesnut • What Does The Development Committee Do? • Meet Our Digital Archivist • 2017 Museum Collection Donations • The Mchardie Goat Cart

Includes: Meet the LCHM President Greg Moyce • Fundraising Updates • Toying with The Past • New On View • Museum Conference Season • Marriage Records and Family Search • 2016-2017 Report Director’s Corner • Goodbye Meribeth

Includes: Director’s Corner • Fresh Perspectives on Native American History • My Collections Field Trip • Lane County Historical Museum: A Whole New Era • Along The Long Tom River • Journey from Indiana to Oregon • A County Legacy • Volunteer Highlight

Includes: Looking Forward • Director’s Corner • Good Food and Plenty of It: A Brief History of Logging Camp Dining Preserving for Posterity • A Truly Dynamic Duo • The College Crest Community Club • Museum Business

Includes: Director’s Corner • Independent Timber • New Exhibit: Uprooted • My Trip Across The Plains • A Family Legacy • Swine and Punishment • An Archival Volunteer • Looking Into The Future

Includes: Director’s Corner • Collections Donors 2015 – 2016 • Sister Diaries: A Bookstore Highlight • The Resident Dolls • Stories From a Hat Box • Lost Towns: Revisiting Logging Communities

Includes: Director’s Corner • Images From The Phone Museum • Remarks On An Amazing Man • One Hundred Fifty Thousand Images • Rails Through Eugene: A Black History Connection • Museum News

Includes: Director’s Corner • History of Tracktown USA • Leaving With A Tall Tale • Captain Jack’s Necklace • The Lost Art of Hairwork • Tiny Treasures

Includes: Moonshiners And Bootleggers • An Unusual Partnership • Oral History: Don Meets Delores • Volunteer Spotlight • Castles In The Air: Literary Lessons… • No Harm Intended: Has Many Takers