Digital Archives

Digital Archives encompasses manuscript, maps, audio recordings as well as images. These materials are available by request through archives.

The museum strives to maintain the highest digital standards according to the Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative (FADGI). Read more about FADGI here.

Index of Manuscripts

As part of our digital archives, an index of the museum’s extensive Manuscript Collection is available online.

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Audio Recordings

The museum has a significant collection of audio recordings that include reports, interviews and oral history, and documentation of the Old Time Fiddling Project. Access to audio recordings is limited at this time, but will become accessible in the very near future. More information about extant audio recordings and obtaining digital access can be directed through archives.

Photographic Collection

Part of our extensive photographic collection is visible online on a searchable database. Our online database is always expanding as the Museum receives and digitizes photo collections relating to Lane County. Follow the link to browse over 40,000+ digitized images for ancestors, portraits, historical buildings, urban centers, scenic views, businesses, and more.

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We also maintain a flickr account showcasing interesting selections from our image collection.

 Lane County History Museum on Flickr

If you have an area of interest, or would like to purchase or view images that are not represented online, please contact Archives for a more exhaustive list. We are able to digitize photos for reproduction for educational, publication and personal use at a nominal fee.

Our photo collections include (with Object-ID)

General Collection (GN)
Kennell Ellis (KE)
Smith Mountjoy (SM)
J.M. Nighswander (JN)
Elizabeth Romane (ER and L82-516-)
Henry R. Ross (HR)
Chester Stevenson (CS)
John and Clarence Winter (WR)
Don Hunter (DHE) 1938-1962 (DH) 1963-2002 (DHC) Don Hunter Carousel Slide Shows (DHGP) Don Hunter Glass Plates

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The Don Hunter Collection

Don Hunter (1914 – 2016 ), retired Audio Visual Director and professor emeritus of the University of Oregon (1947-1977), was also a prolific amateur photographer. He is best known for his elaborate slideshow programs presented on upwards of three to four screens with accompanying music and narration. His photographic slides present rich documentary information for Lane County and surrounding areas dating back to 1938. The collection itself is comprised of an estimated 172,000 35mm color slides, fifty-two in-depth, hand-notated slide catalogs of the collection and two card catalogs indexed by topics. Subjects and topics include: ghost towns; logging; natural disasters; steam locomotives; trips to numerous Audio-Visual Departments at universities across the United States and audio-visual equipment; wild land conservation; wildlife; and local events e.g., the annual Canoe Fete at the University of Oregon, the Eugene Celebration, the Oregon Country Fair, and the Scandinavian Festival. Non-local photographs of interest include the August 14, 1945 V-J Day celebration (Victory over Japan) in Chicago, Illinois and the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair. Digitized images of the of Don Hunter collection are designated with an object-ID of DH. Please note that many of these images may not yet be available online.