Research Library

The Lane County History Museum Archives is a regional repository relating to Lane County’s settlement and growth since 1847. Primary collections include:

  • Photographs: over 300,000 images of Eugene and Lane County covering a wide variety of topics such as industry, businesses, residences, street scenes, scenic views, and portraits from the 1860s to the present.
  • Manuscripts: original records of businesses, families, schools, civic groups, and other organizations.
  • Books & Maps: this reference collection of published items relates primarily to Lane County history. However, a number of books and maps pertain to the State of Oregon.
  • Studies & Reports: statistical information in drafts and final reports on such subjects as transportation, environment, and development issues.
  • Newspaper Clippings: a general reference collection of newspaper clippings and other textual economic, cultural, and post settlement history, as well as biographical material.

Research Requests

The museum archives are a closed-stack repository requiring staff assistance. Special collections resources are available by appointment only; unfortunately we cannot accommodate drop-ins. Researchers are asked to fill out a Research Request Form, available at the front desk, by mail, or online (see below). There is a $10.00 fee per request. Once this form is submitted, museum researchers will search for the desired information. An additional fee may be assessed based on the nature of the request and the time it takes to pull the materials. Once the materials have been located, you will be notified of available appointment times. Please allow two weeks for our research process.

Reproduction Policies

Reproductions of materials from these collections are available for research purposes and reproduction for educational, publication and personal use for a nominal fee. The detailed Reproduction policy and schedule of Usage Fees are available in the photo request form and apply to any of the museum’s archival holdings including the digital archives.

Images are copies of the physical objects that are legal charge and property of the Lane County History Museum. For this reason, LCHM images are not in the Public Domain, and are subject to duplication and licensing fees determined by the Museum. To understand the specifics of applicable image copyright, please refer to 17 U.S. Code Sect. 102 and 202(d)(1).