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To inform future historical interpretation, Lane County History Museum Digital Archives invites you to share your stories and experiences of 2020.

Please do not submit stories taking place prior to 2020. Read below for details. These may be suitable for other Museum collections.

We are asking for your stories, episodes, experiences, by way of digital capture (videos, pictures, screen captures, memes, etc.), retelling of events, and anything that tells how you are experiencing our rapidly unfolding history. 

Your stories should take place locally, within the boundaries of Lane County, or have had local impact. For example, how has the COVID-19 Pandemic affected you and your family? Are you protesting for Black Lives Matter? Did you witness rioting and vandalism? How are you coping with recent fires and smoke pollution? How are your kids managing school and college from home? How did you manage social distancing for your tattoo storefront?

History comes alive when we hear from the people who experience it. This is an opportunity for you, the community, to shape future historical understanding of these quickly shifting times in Lane County.

Be creative with your submission. Please show us what has been meaningful or has had a personal impact on you. 

We are looking for:

Stories (in words) and/or documentation about local events arising in response to national and international events during 2020 and forward. Please keep in mind, this is a repository for personal histories. Political opinions are not discouraged, but understand that your thoughts will be archived for posterity and not shared in a public forum.

If you would like to submit materials or information about history in Lane County prior to 2020, please contact the appropriate Museum department directly.

Manuscripts and papers: [email protected]

Objects and artifacts: [email protected]

Digital submissions: [email protected]

    When did this happen? * (2019 and later. For historical submissions, please contact the appropriate department for an Acquisition Review)

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    Terms and Conditions

    Creative Commons:

    All items contributed from the United States and globally (with the exception below for Australian contributions) are made under the understanding that everything submitted will follow a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

    All items contributed within Australia are made under the understanding that they follow a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia (CC BY 3.0 AU). See


    Note that this site collects email addresses in order to validate submissions. These addresses are not shared. In sharing your story, i.e. making a contribution to the archive, be aware that we may publish the fields “creator/author” and “contributor.” If you want to personally remain anonymous please leave these fields blank as appropriate. If other than yourself, you should always cite the “creator/author,” which is the individual and/or institution that originally created the item or story being contributed.

    Copyright & Takedown

    The project team has made the best effort to adhere to known intellectual property and privacy rights. Due to the nature of community built archival collections, we are not always able to identify intellectual property and/or privacy information. We are eager to hear from any rights owners so that we may obtain accurate information. Please contact us to make corrections or to request removal of materials from public access.

    The Future of This Archive

    The mission of this archival portal is to gather willingly donated personal histories. At this time, the stories will not be published on this website. Submissions will become part of the Lane County History Museum Born Digital Archive. Submission of information, stories and documentation does not suggest nor guarantee future exhibit of stories on this website or in other museum contexts. It is understood that should submissions be exhibited in the future, the contributor’s name will be published or withheld depending on preference indicated at the time of submission through the submission portal. All submissions must come from verifiable sources (i.e. the submittor must be a person) as an indication of provenance. Submissions without provenance will not be included in the collection.