K-12 Programs

Guided School Tours

The focus of the Assistance League®’s Eugene Oregon Heritage Program is on pioneer life on the Oregon Trail and settlement at journey’s end. Children will explore a day in the life of a pioneer child including “chores” utilizing real period artifacts such as a butter churn, wool carders, slates and slate pencils. Newly added content also includes Native American history and perspectives, especially focused on Kalapuya tribes that inhabited the Willamette Valley prior to and during the settlement period of the mid 1800’s. Tour content is primarily designed for 3rd and 4th grade students

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At this time, the Assistance League of Eugene is unable to accommodate groups that extend beyond this range. Home school students, high school students, college students, mixed age groups, and senior groups may prefer a self-guided experience. Additional tour options may be available day-of, depending on staff availability.

Traveling Trunks

Traveling Trunks contain authentic and replicated items, as well as maps, illustrations, and photos which teachers and students are encouraged to handle and use as educational tools. An accompanying preview guide, lesson plan examples, and bibliography are available for each trunk. Traveling trunks may be checked out for one week at a time.

Lane County History Museum Trunks:

Westward Migration (Oregon Trail and Early Settlement)

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Online Educational Resources

Western Migration Presentation Series

Designed for grades 3-5, these slideshows discuss the History of the Oregon Trail. Additional information and related activities are included in the presenter’s notes, focusing on math, vocabulary, and writing.

Part 1: Why Take the Oregon Trail?

Part 2: Pack Your Wagon!

Part 3: Families on the Oregon Trail

Print-at-home Coloring Book