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Fee Structure Example: 1 Image for DecorationPer ImageTotal
1 Image, High Resolution1515
Licensing Fee for Interior Decoration2020
Transfer Fee5
Fee Structure Example: 2 Images for a MagazinePer ImageTotal
2 Images, Standard Resolution1122
Licensing Fee for Serial Publication, under 50,000 copies2040
Transfer Fee5

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This Request for Photo Reproduction does not constitute an invoice or permission for use. Museum staff will calculate final charges. Please do not submit payments until you receive an invoice and specified use agreement on a separate form. If required, postage will be added to reproduction fees. Charges for Photographic Print Reproductions will reflect the current commercial vendor price for reproduction plus any Museum production and handling charges.
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Reproduction and usage fees apply to each image purchased. All fees are single use. Display Policies apply to all images, including digitally re-transmitted photos.
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For orders up to five images allow at least three weeks for processing. Orders exceeding five images require extended processing time—please contact [email protected] for delivery estimates.

Lane County History Museum
Research, Reprinting, Reproduction and Specified Use Policies

To support research of local heritage and history, Lane County History Museum provides with as much public access to collections as we can without jeopardizing the integrity of the Museum archives and artifacts.

Effective 11-15-2012
The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photo-copy or other reproduction. One of these specified conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction in not to be “used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research.” If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of “fair use,” that use may be liable for copyright infringement.

Lane County History Museum reserves the right to refuse any order if it is perceived that fulfillment of that would violate copyright law.


  • The Museum reserves the right to refuse access to, and reproduction of the collection for uses that may violate the integrity of the Museum’s stated purpose, or the integrity of the collection.
  • In giving permission to copy or publish any text, manuscript or image, the Museum does not surrender its own right to give permission to others to print it.
  • A copy of any publication using images from the Museum’s photograph and manuscripts collection is to be supplied to theMuseum upon publication.
  • Any reproduction of Museum property that is used as illustration or in display must bear a credit line adjacent to the print:Courtesy of the Lane County History Museum.
  • The Museum does not assume any responsibility for infringement of copyright or of publication rights in the manuscript held by the writer, his heirs, executors or assigns. The users of material agree to indemnify the Museum if any action is brought because of misuse of the materials.
  • In exceptional circumstances or for joint ventures with the Museum, the Museum Director may grant on an individual basis a waiver or adjustment to use and reproduction fees.
  • Photographs are subject to the same general policies and agreements as Museum-created Photo Reproduction images (see IMAGES REPRODUCTION AND SPECIFIED USAGE POLICY next section).IMAGES REPRODUCTION AND SPECIFIED USE POLICY All General Policies detailed above apply to Photo Images as well as the following:
    • The Lane County History Museum restricts the reproduction of images from the collections to personal, publication, interior decoration or educational purposes only, and not for resale. Further reproductions must be from the Museum’s collection and not from the reproduced copy.
    • Reproduction of photographs by patrons, except as outlined in the Specified Use agreement, will not be permitted.
    • No collection negatives or prints will be loaned.RESEARCH REPRODUCTION COPIES
      All General Policies detailed above apply to Research Reproduction Copies as well as the following:
    • The Museum will make photocopies up to 25 pages per appointment of pages from volumes, pamphlets, books, manuscripts, and newspapers for personal research and use.
    • The Museum does not permit reproduction of complete volumes, collections, books, manuscripts, or complete runs of newspapers. However, in support of well-defined scholarly research the Museum Director may grant permission for a Reproduction Copy. Requests for Reproduction Copies must be made in writing to the Museum Director and explicit, written permission must be given for the creation of such copies.
    • Reproduction Copies are made specifically for scholarly research and remain the property of LCHM.
    • Reproduction Copies must be returned to the Museum upon completion of the research.
    • Reproduction Copies are subject to fees and materials charges which are the responsibility of the patron and must be paid in advance.
    • The Museum does not permit duplication of material if such action might entail possible violation of copyright laws.
    • The Museum reserves the right to refuse to copy any item which may be harmed by the reproduction process.
    • Study or reference photographs of research materials are permitted. These are subject to the same General Use Policies outlined here. Should such photos be used to a further degree, a Specified Use Agreement must be pursued.