A collection of diaries and recollections of immigrant travel and early settlement in the Lane County area of the Willamette Valley was prepared for reproduction by the Lane County Historical Society in the 1960’s and 1970’s. The WASHBURN JOURNAL was compiled from the original and an amended copy made later by Mrs. Washburn. It was reproduced in 1967 through the courtesy and assistance of Claude B. Washburne, grandson of the author, who owned the journal at that time.

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Title page

Photograph of Catherine Washburn (1885)
Photograph of Charles and Catherine (1853)
Biographical and genealogical information

Journal of travel from Iowa, 1853
Catherine’s entries reflect the daily experiences along the trail and provide clear identification of areas. Missing entries and a notation by the transcriber are the only clues to the birth of her child on June 5. The Annotations provide interesting additional information.